Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pictures, Story, Slideshow and Audio by Brandon Ball.
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On the outside, Matt Mitchell looks like an ordinary 19-year-old. He goes to school part-time, struggles with homework, hangs out with friends and helps around the house. There is something huge however that separates Mitchell from his peers. That something is a 2000-pound award-winning dairy cow.

As a toddler, Mitchell took an interest in farming and first started showing cows when he was two, which quickly developed into a passion for the dairy farm he now owns and operates. Mitchell built the farm with the support and approval of his parents, and started selling his cows as a way to keep the lights on. "This isn't your typical dairy farm," Mitchell said. "You don't make much money off of milk with eighteen cows, so I breed them to show them, and then I sell them. I take a lot of pride in my cows and I take good care of them, which you don't always see at bigger farms. I love it though, and I feel like God called me to do this, so I do the best job that I can. It's been good for me."

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